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Surya Solar Power Company Nepal, Australia, Singapore
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Solar Lantern

Product Summary

For approximately 1.6 billion people throughout the world that do not have access to reliable sources of electricity, there is trivial alternative to hazy, opaque lighting.

Most of the people are using Kerosene, or candle lights to right up the home.

These wasteful light sources use up the Earth’s own natural resources causing pollution and ruining our planet for future generations as well as is costing you a lot of money.

With an innovative, resourceful new product, Surya Power hopes to provide a reliable source of light to its customers while still making a difference and impacting numerous people.

The remarkable product that is being introduced by Surya Power is the
Solar Lantern. This solar lamp; which is both environmentally friendly and provides abundant light, is lightweight and portable. The light is composed of a photovoltaic solar panel, a LED lamp and a rechargeable battery. If the switch is left on, and the lantern detects that it is dark, the light turns on automatically. When the lamp detects that it is too bright for use of the solar light, it shuts off automatically to be mindful of energy.

The Solar Lantern is small and transportable so it is easy to use and move. The lantern runs on solar power so you can take it to a variety of different locations that may not have electricity within its reach. With an affordable price, anyone can use this ingenious product to give them light and be environmentally conscience at the same time.


The Solar Lantern is an amazingly unique product which is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. The lantern serves as a multi-purpose source of light that is beneficial and practical. Various features which are included in the Solar Lantern are:
  • Solar panels harness and utilize light energy from the sun. The Solar Lanterns come equipped with a solar panel which easily fits unnoticeably onto the top of the lantern and captures enough energy to power the lantern.
  • Batteries store energy provided form the sun to later light up the lantern. Batteries for the lantern are customarily of the low-voltage lead-acidic variety.
  • There are primarily two different ways of the lantern lighting. There is a dim light which has back up for 20 hours a day and a bright light which can be powered for 12-15 hours a day.

Accounted to its portable, easily movable size, the cost-effective lantern can be used in many different situations for a variety of diverse purposes. Some of these include:
  • Home lighting – the lantern can be left on the window seal and let to charge during the day – is quite good for people who are renting a place do not have access to area where bigger solar panels can be put. Or in a remote village, where there is no electricity supply.
  • At a farm
  • Outdoor leisure activities or camping,
  • In a yard
  • In tents
  • For work
  • For studying
  • In a lawn or backyard
  • Can be replaced for traditional torch light
To be able to completely enjoy the benefits of the Solar Lantern, you can leave the light out in the sun for a day or so to fully charged it.

Please do note, that if there are multiple of rainy days, and the battery is run down, the charging can be boasted by connecting it to the city line. The external charger is included. We recommend that the lantern be fully charged at least once a month. This can be done by either by leaving it on the sun for two days or by using the external charger provided.

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